Injection Molding Process

At E-rock we combine the highest quality leathers and fabrics with injection molded soles. Our shoes are technologically designed for maximum breathability so that air and water vapor escape from inside the shoe, while allowing cooler air from outside to enter. This specially formulated process results in a footwear masterpiece.

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Injection Molded Shoes

Injection molding is a process used for shoe manufacturing, in which a molten material is used as a soling material. Injection molded shoes have many advantages over other shoes and is still one of the preferred methods for the manufacturing of shoes.

The process.

The completed leather upper of a shoe is pressed to a sole shaped mold. Then a molten material sole compound is injected into the lower cavity of the mold. When the material solidifies, it takes the desired shape of the mold. At the same time fusing together with the leather upper to form a permanent bond with the upper, creating the sole of the shoe. The sole then removed securely attached to the leather upper. Our set up is with multiple injection machines positioned around a 24 arm mold carousel. The injection process is automated but the molds need to be dressed with uppers and when injection is done the finished shoe needs to be removed.

Quality Control and Standards

The quality of footwear is guided by the physical and chemical properties of the material, destructive tests on footwear and wear trials. Various organizations like SATRA, BLMRA, SLTC (UK), CTC (France), TNO (Netherlands), PFI (Germany), VESLIC (Switzerland), ALCA, ASTM (USA) and CLRI(India) have contributed to achieve quality standards for footwear and footwear materials. Test procedures and testing equipment of Bally (Switzerland) and SATRA (UK) and specification of British Standard (BS), German Standards (DIN) and international standards (ISO) are widely used. In India BIS (Bureau of Indian Standards) have worked out specifications for various footwear and footwear materials.


All our leathers are either full grain, top grain or a combination of both. Full grain and top grain leathers are the best quality leathers, both sitting at the top of the chain. They refer to the outside part of the animal’s hide just below the hair. Full-grain and top grain leathers are the strongest and most durable leather. They do not easily crack or peel, unlike poor quality leather. The skin used to make it is very tight and the patterns on it have a tendency to be in close formation. In addition the tight porous nature of the leathers resists moisture very well.

Advantages of our Injection molded Footwear
1. Our shoes wear longer and offer outstanding performance.
2. Area in contact with the foot is smooth with no stitches which makes it extremely comfortable
3. Injection molded soles have a better bounce to them, and increased cushioning
responsiveness. As opposed to non injection molded which tend to ‘crease’ quicker, and
compression lines appear on the sole sidewalls after some time of use.
4. The arches do not wear down quickly because it is made in an injection mold.
5. The soles do not break down easily because they are all made from one piece of

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